Frequently Asked Questions

Invent your technology in your own way without any hesitation. Cinitech Solutions never let doubt step over the boundary of trust.

Can you tell me about your industry experience and core competencies?

Digital marketing services, mobile apps, and websites built by our highly-skilled team offer results you can count on. With years of experience in web development, mobile app development, and digital marketing, we have become a class apart.

How long does a website's construction take?

Every individual has different needs when creating a website, including the number of pages, features, and so forth. Despite that, our professional team works hard to create a business-oriented website within a tight deadline.

How do you use and support technology?

The developers at Cinitech Solutions make use of all the latest technologies to craft beautiful websites for you that drive business growth and maximize the revenue you receive from your site to the extent possible.

Do I get after-support and an SEO-friendly website?

In order for your website to be SEO-friendly, our team follows Google's webmaster guidelines. Additionally, we offer after-sales support. Our project support may be extended after the initial support period has been completed.

What should I do if I'm unsure what to do with my website?

Knowledge sharing is important to us! Regardless of whether you're sure to outsource your web design or marketing, we're open to discussing your challenges. Let us know your project requirements, and we'll be happy to discuss them.